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Iron Man by Rakkasei
Iron Man
Iron Man with a broken mask ♥ I used polychromos and beige paper. The original picture featured ironman completly without a mask, so I had to use another picture for the mask(the mask wasn't broken on this one). I learned a lot while drawing this one (: And I guess you can see that? 

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When I was 20 I had thought this love would last forever.
I had never thought that the we go together would end so soon.
I had never thought that bloody rain would cover our tracks in the sand of life.
I had never imagined that all this would change my steady life into a rollercoaster journey.

We used to live in a middle-class neighborhood.
Our love seemed so natural, like we were fated to stay together.

When I got pregnant with 24, I stopped being an Office Lady and you gave your best as a scientist, more than ever.

All was quite natural.
As our daughter grew older, you climbed higher and higher on the ladder of success.
You were 26, when you got your own team to travel through the whole country with.

You earned more and more money and you began to lose more and more of yourself by doing so.
Sometimes you didn't get back for month. It didn't bother me, because I simply believed that you were faithful.
But you weren't.

But I simply didn't want to believe it.
Every single trace of being unfaithful were a lie to me.
I never felt like this before.
I never wanted to destroy our current life.
But as the season changed, you changed as well.
I tried to ignore your affairs, even that you invited them over like it is the most natural thing in the whole world.
I tried to believe.
But you lost yourself by getting successful.
“What is marriage?”, you asked me that evening.
I couldn't answer, I simply couldn't find one.
What is it?
You looked at me and answered your own question: “Just a signed paper.”
It it so?
Is it just a paper?
I didn't want to hear you, I wanted to believe in you.

We can't break up, you told me so.
You always said that we are fated.
We can't simply break up.

I tried to cling onto a rotten tree.
But it didn't help.
In the end I nearly drowned in my own tears, because I couldn't tolerate your life-style.
I simply didn't want to break up.
But as the season changed, I changed too.
You tried to ignore the fights I picked up, that I tried to get this new chick out of your life.
You tried to believe that I simply would stop one day.
But I didn't.
I started to drink.
I started to lose control.
We simply destroyed this fairytale.
Because fairytales are meant to die, because in real-life there is no placee for a happy-ending.
But after all we couldn't simply break-up.

The police-officer told me later, that something got lose, that you had planned it, all the way through.

During a big thunderstorm you simply ended all of this.
You wrote down the end of this fairytale with your own blood.
It didn't seem like a big deal for you after all.
You didn't hesitate at all, because hesitation would have simply destroyed your plan.
You still seemed like an angel, flying away in your own blood.

At first it didn't bother me.
But reality hit me several month later.
But I hold on, for my lovely teenage girl.
And now I'm standing here, holding the hand of my new hubby.
I haven't forgotten you.
But instead of you I grow older.
My life goes on, like a roller-coaster.
Because in real-life there is no place for a happy-ending.
Rotten rose
Teacher said, that we should write a love story(keywords: love and time). Because I don't like happy story I came up with this one and I tried to not mention any details regarding the suicide issue. 

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This time the winter seems incredible long.
Terribly long.
Due to the cold my house keeps cracking, moaning the warmth, keeping me up at night.
I try to focus on reading the book, to forget the past, that once I loved the winter, that once I used to be part of his life.

But something keeps distracting me.
It is barely noticeable.
Little feet keep dribbling, running away from something, reminding me of the life, that once I was used to love.

Even after a long time the dribbling won't seem to stop.
Getting curious I stand up and go to the upper floor, ready to find the source.
Surprisingly I just encounter empty, dusty rooms.
But even though the memories keep lingering in there, reminding me that once I was used to share this house.

While questioning my own sanity, the dribbling gets louder and the windows start rattling.
When will the past stop haunting me?
Feeling alerted I turn around to investigate the bathroom.
As soon as I opened the door I realize, that the source of the sound is right in there.
And it is alive.

In disgust I shut the door.
My eyes.
Only to realize, that it will never stop.
That it will always be part of my life.
That my life will always be like a merry-go-around.
That I will never be able to escape the eternal loop.

Until I'm brave enough to let him go.
Say goodbye
The teacher wanted us to write a short story(horror). We were talking about Edgar Allan Poe and I wanted to write  this story downf or a long time, so I finally did it. I keep most of the things vague to create suspense and it's up to your own mind to fill in the details. I wanted to have a real short story and honestly I regret that it's so terrible short. But when you read infront of a class it has to be short 
Monica Raymund by Rakkasei
Monica Raymund
as Gabriela Dawson. I think the new paper is kind of great for such things :) I only used orange, because I saw a wallpaper of Taylor Kinney with such colours and I totally liked it. And I think it suits Chicago fire quite well.

All rights belong to the NBC and the writers of Chicago Fire.
Some tweets of our dear Aiji and Maya are damn hilarious and because of this we got an awesome idea.
We want to create a book with around 80sides full of LM.C-Tweets. Just send their tweets with a Fanart attached to us.
It'd be good to get various interpretations of tweets or just various tweets interpreted in form of fanarts.
Until now we haven't really decided for a deadline, because we want this to be a fun-project and not something to work for under pressure.
When the 80sites are full I'm gonna send the book to them and start a new book.
It's okay to draw something general of course. But please keep in mind that it need to be something twitter-related.
For other fanarts(not twitter-related) I kindly refer you to other fanprojects, because they want to be loved too.

The rules are quite simple.
1. No Yaoi! Respect their feelings, because I doubt that they really want to know what some fans thinks about their relationship.
2. Please include the tweet(either in english or japanese), which you used for the fanart.

I know that rules are there to break, but please respect them m(_ _)m

For fanart: I don't mind printing them out for you. But please include your fanart in high quality! ;_;

For questions/fanarts/whatever: lmctwitter[at]!/MAD_Caku!/mad_rakkasei
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